Twin Cities musician Psymun possesses an inimitable cross-genre style and deft human touch, together making him a deeply distinctive and subtle voice in contemporary production. He first picked up a guitar at age 5 but it wasnt until a stream of influence from Jimi Hendrix, The White Stripes and Aphex Twin that he re-entered a music-making space in early high school, learning chords and programming IDM-style productions on FL Studio. Noise and ambient would go on to inform his ear and practice until an obsession with hip-hop in his later teens led to sampling and beatmaking. While hes perhaps best known for his output in the latter format, its form is always as multi-dimensional and surprising as the range of sounds which brought him there.

Others picked up on Psymuns pioneering sonic mish-mash and soon he was an almost constant collaborator with other experimentalists, most notably as a trusted producer for Corbin (FKA Spooky Black). Though hed been releasing mixtapes and EPs online since 2012, his astronomical rise came in 2014 with a joint project called Thestand4rd, bringing him together with Corbin and fellow Minnesotans Bobby Raps and Allan Kingdom for a critically-acclaimed self-titled release and string of sold out shows nationwide. Solo projects NOT PINK LABEL and Pink Label were released the same year, still featuring a slew of vocalists (Kerry Roy, K. Raydio and Chester Watson in addition to the usual appearances from his Thestand4rd group-mates) but firmly establishing a lush yet melancholic voice of his own.

Psymun has been busy behind-the-scenes as of late; as a guitarist he earned two credits on The Weeknds best-selling Starboy and is still spending most of his days in the studio. He now feels more confident than ever in his sonic signature, bringing all of his musical phases into one living, raucous whole. With his Rainbow Party EP set for release on Ghostly this spring, Psymun is poised for another year of pan-underground prowess.

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