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Paqrat takes joy in the type of provocation that Parental Advisory labels and NC-17 ratings were invented for to silo off from polite society. In short bursts of venom and acid the 19-year-old raps about sex, drugs, violence and world domination like he left his CAPS LOCK on and never heard an inside voice. If you took a post-Raider Klan Soundcloud rapper from the South Florida swamps and left them to brood in a dungeon through the Minnesota winter, you’d get Paqrat. On singles TRASHGLO and HEADLOCK from the previously released KILLMODE EP, Paqrat commands a nimble free associative flow with a mouth full of blood and veins throbbing with the types of substances drug counselors warn about. Ominous, ear-crushing 808s provide a perfectly grim landscape for Paqrat’s transgressions. America loves an antihero, and Paqrat plays it with equal parts belligerence, malaise and dark humor. It’s a dynamic mixture that’s something like if the class clown from the wrong side of the tracks was also goth. That is, if he had even made it past his sophomore year at St. Paul Central High School.
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